Where will the gathering be?

Where will the 2014 gathering be?
Near Heber, Utah. Click here for directions
Who is invited?
Every person with a belly button. If for some reason, you lost your belly button, you are invited as well.
What you really need to know:
How to Get Into The Gathering Without Getting a Mandatory Court Appearance Ticket.
How to Contact Someone?
If after reading the information on this blog, checking out the links on the right hand side, you still have questions, concerns, or problems, email random gatherers for assistance.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Missing Person Alexander (Alex) Scouten - FOUND

Alex Scouten is 18 years old, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes.  About 5'8", about 125 lbs.  His mother last heard from him on June 29 while he was on the greyhound bus approaching Salt Lake City. All we need him to do is call his mom or his friends and let them know he is OK. No questions asked. 

Alex was found in Oregon.   

Friday, July 18, 2014

Missing Person Autumn/Alex - FOUND

Updated 7/21/14 @ 9PM California Time.   Autumn was hard at working with cleanup crew.  She just forgot to call her mom and say I'm staying for cleanup.

We are missing Autumn Storm / Alex Dowless - an at risk missing person due to her lifestyle.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A few thoughts after the gathering

Thank you family for renewing my faith in our gatherings, for all the helping hands offered along the path, for the amazing and abundant food, for the way family came together to honor the passing of our family. 

Everywhere I turned my gaze, family was busy creating a beautiful and amazing gathering with abundant filtered water to keep us hydrated.  Along the trail, musicians of all ages shared their heart songs with guitars, fiddles, saxophones, drums, and vocal cords.  Children's laughter rang out all day.

Near the upper meadow, yogis held space, grounding the energy of all of us. In the upper meadow, workshops by the dozen took place and the healing energy was strong. In the lower meadow, gatherers of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors gathered to share food, oms, dancing, and song.

Main council happened on July 1, 2, 3,  and 5 and perhaps it continued on July 6 as well. Younger and older family, earlies and first time gatherers and those of us in between sat in council together sharing thoughts, issues, heart songs, and visions for the future. 

Our tireless shuttles drivers helped family shorten the distance into our heart center and our amazing parking crew welcomed family home in a positive manner. A huge thanks to long time family who held space at the Front Gate in a loving and peaceful manner.

Least anyone think all is perfect, we had our share of issues and I'm certain they will be talked about for some time. Using words or music to express our frustration is always a better choice than using large wooden sticks or fists.  Serving food at dinner circle that includes dead animals and/or dairy products leaves our family who don't eat such things hungry and disrespected.

Some of our family still have unresolved legal issues due to the over zealousness of the United States Forest Service Law Enforcement officers and the Wasatch County Sheriff's department. Rest assured I will be trying to obtain statistics on arrests, citation, tickets and other issues.  But really family, I've been telling ya'all to have legal drivers, legal vehicles and insurance until I'm blue in the face so forgive me if I don't see the tragedy in your car being impounded due to lack of insurance. 

A huge thanks to family who helped us find this beautiful home.  The people of Utah are amazing. They came out by the hundreds if not thousands and were thankful to have this amazing gathering in their back yards. The civilian folks I and others met in Heber City were kind, loving, and welcoming people despite their elected officials fear mongering.

The thought that was running through my head the entire gathering was we survived the dark ages and we are back as amazing as ever. Thank you family!

For those of you interested in what the media had to say, try this articles:

Salt Lake City Tribune

Utah Public Radio

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tim Bear RIP

I have mentioned Tim Bear in other posts when I've written about clean water. He was one of the early proponents of sanitary and hands free dish wash stations. 

Along with his kitchen, Musical Veggies, he was concerned about all of us staying health and washing our dishes without getting the germs of other people's dishes on our hands or our dishes.
Musical Veggies Hand Wash Station Idaho 2001

Some people who gather leave a long and lasting visible mark on the gathering.  Hands free dish wash stations and the subsequent hands free hand wash stations are one such gathering staple now thanks to Tim Bear and the rest of his crew. Every time you wash your dish at a statioin like the one pictured here, remember those who have gone before and manifested wisdom in such a down to earth manner.

Tim Bear died at home this year of natural causes -- a fitting place to pass for one who had given so much to this family and this gathering.

A lovely celebration of life/memorial was held for Tim Bear at the gathering.

Safe journeys and happy trails Tim Bear.  We'll gather again together some day!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Vision Council Consensus

"On July 8, at Vision Council on the land at the 2014 Utah Rainbow Gathering, consensus was reached that the 44th annual rainbow gathering of the tribes will be in New England, Lake Michigan Area, or South Dakota." (The consensed areas include Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and South Dakota.)

To view the 2015 blog, click here.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lost and Found (people, pets and things)

Lost People

Every year people go to the gathering and their loved ones worry.  Just a reminder, there is no cell phone or Internet reception at this year's gathering.

If you haven't heard from your friends and/or family since they went into the gathering, odds are they are still down in the meadow and can't call you.  Either way, it's generally safer for people to stay inside the gathering, then to run the cop gauntlet to make a phone call.  Even if your loved one promised to call every day, that's a promise they will be unable to keep as that would require them to spend their entire gathering going out to some place with reception and then coming back in again.

Even if there is a place on the top of a nearby mountain where you can get cell reception if you stand on your right foot only with your left arm outstretched and the cell phone positioned exactly on your naval - one 5 minute call will eat up all your charge.  Unless your loved one can hike from 9,000 feet to 11,000 feet and brought a solar panel to recharge their phone, the calls aren't going to happen for a bit. NOTE:  You may think this situation is made up but I've been to places in the Rocky Mountains where cell reception was this wacky.

 Again, on the road where the cars and cops are is the area where problems occur. We strongly recommend that people stay inside the gathering. Going in and out increases a persons risk of a negative experience with law enforcement. Again, people on the land will strongly suggest to your loved one that they stay inside the gathering until it's over.

That being said, if you're going to the gathering, call your Mama or someone else, let them know you are going in and will be out of cell reception until after you leave the gathering.

If something serious happened to your loved one, then they are no longer at the gathering and would be found in a local hospital, jail, or mental health facility. If you check those places and your loved one is not there, then they are probably inside the gathering.

Most people usually surface by July 15th as the clean up crew starts shrinking by then, but some people will be on the land until at least the end of July (and on the land means no or haphazard access to telephones).  If after July 10, you still haven't heard, email me a recent photo and include this information:
  • How old is he/she? 
  • Was this her/his first gathering?  
  • Was he/she planning to camp with any camp in particular?
  • Did she/he travel to the gathering with friends who have since left the gathering?
  • Did she/he have any mental and/or physical health issues?  
  • What kind of drugs (if any) does he/she typically use?
  • Was there a specific previously agreed on plan for he/she to return home at a certain time or at least check in?
If you haven't called the Heber City Sheriff's Department yet, call  435.657.1619 to see if your loved one is or was in jail for a period of time.

Lost Things

For those people who go to the gathering and lose something, found items are taken to Info or sometimes to the nearest kitchen so don't give up yet.  If you didn't check the lost and found items at INFO, your stuff may be there. Even if you did, many items are discovered during cleanup. At the end of cleanup, all the valuable lost and found items will be taken out of the gathering site. To try to get reconnected with your stuff, at the end of July call  the Northwest Tribes Lightline @ (503) 727-2498. Leave your name, phone # and a brief description of what you lost. Someone will call you back if your or similar items are there. Keep in mind, lost and found at this level is for things like wallets, cameras, expensive gear.  We don't try to reunite people with lost t-shirts, bliss wear, etc.

Lost Animals

For those people who left without all the animals they brought, please go back to the site and retrieve your pets. I do not care if you have to be back to work or whatever. If you brought an animal, you need to go home with that animal. If you don't, folks on the land will find a home for your pet and it won't be your home. We never leave any pets behind.  Every pet will leave the gathering with a human companion ~ hopefully the one they came with. If you can't go back yourself, try to connect up with a friend in the area to retrieve your pet. Just a reminder, pets on leashes don't get lost as often as those not on a leash. The gathering is a scary experience for animals who aren't used to it. Read the Pup Rap for more info.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

No Cell Reception at the Gathering

Just an FYI folks.  Please call people who will worry about you before you leave town and let them know that you are going into the gathering, there is no cell reception, and give them an approximate date when you will call them again. 

Call your mama folks and let her know what you're doing!

People who don't stay in touch, stress their loved ones out and stress me out. Usually when I come out of the gathering, I have an overwhelming number of email messages from people who are concerned about someone they love. I don't want to have to respond to a hundred emails that go something like this:

My son/daughter/husband/wife/grandmother/grandfather went to the gathering and promised to call me every day. I'm afraid something happened to them.

If you don't want to call, send a text, email, or letter. Or get a friend to send a text, email, or letter. Everytime a worried mama files a missing person's report, we get law enforcement wandering around the gathering trying to "find" you.  Don't be that person.