Where will the gathering be?

Where will the 2014 gathering be?
Near Heber, Utah. Click here for directions
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Every person with a belly button. If for some reason, you lost your belly button, you are invited as well.
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How to Get Into The Gathering Without Getting a Mandatory Court Appearance Ticket.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fast Eddie (RIP)

While I didn't know Fast Eddie very well, he was a staple at the gatherings in the 1990's when I started plugging into what was going on and where.  Fast Eddie was old A-Camp, Wrecking Crew and worked hard for and at the gathering. Some of what he did I loved, some not so much. I will always remember Fast Eddie in the Southern California desert raising a ruckus with other characters (who shall remain nameless) and stamping our little regional with some sense of history.
Classic Fast Eddie

For more info on Fast Eddie, click here and if you FaceBook, click here.

Safe journeys brother. Happy trails.  Enjoy what ever comes next with the same gusto you enjoyed this life.

A Memorial for Fast Eddie will be held at Tilson's Funeral Home at 46 Williams Street in Whitehall, New York. There will be viewing and commemoration all day on Sunday, August 3rd and a service and interment from 9-11 am on Monday, August 4th. Please pass this info to anyone who knew him who is in that Upper Hudson Valley area. Peace on?.

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