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Where will the 2014 gathering be?
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Every person with a belly button. If for some reason, you lost your belly button, you are invited as well.
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Parking Lot Crew

The gathering only works because each of us pitches in to take care of everything that needs to be done. One project that needs some young energy is the Parking Lot Crew.

The joys of working parking are staying up all night and helping family park safely and legally so when they go back to their car it hasn't been towed.
Washington 2011 ? Bus Village

You get to stand on a dusty road, flag down people who don't want to stop, help them find Handicamp if necessary or which ever parking log is closest to where they are going.

While you're doing this critical job, the USFS Law Enforcement Officers drive up and down the road and almost run you over. Some of our A-Camp brothers and sisters show up to help and you have to make sure they don't get run over. The kitchens forget to feed you. Some days you're out there in the pouring rain or the blazing sun or the snow.

The parking situation can change daily as the cops change the rules. You have to find the owners of people who parked in the wrong spot so their car doesn't get towed. Then there's the people who don't listen to your advice and drive off the road and need your help getting them towed out. Or they have a flat tire, or a dead battery or they locked their keys in their car.

Then there are the emergency evacuations. Coordinating with CALM, finding drivers, and making sure people who need to get to a hospital get there safely. Sometimes you'll be all alone. Sometimes there will be 5 people talking to you at once about their emergency.

So why help out in the parking lot?

Washington 2011
Yes! that's snow
  • Because it is amazing to see all our beautiful family come home. 
  • Because someone is having a horrible gathering since they parked where you told them not the park and now you've gotten them towed out and they are grateful to you. 
  • Because you helped someone get to the hospital and maybe saved their life. 
  • Because you prevented someone's car from getting towed, helped fix a flat, jump start a car, get gas for some belly who ran out.

We always need new folks helping out with the parking scene, especially our younger family who can be up at 4 AM and park that weary family with the crying baby who just drove for 36 hours to be with you! Because you can keep that campfire burning and provide a cup of Joe for a tired traveler.

As with all things rainbow, no experience is necessary.  Just show up and tell who ever is parking cars that you want to help and be someone's hero.


  1. Once agin, great post, K! As you know, I am conducting a pirate-themed recycling effort at this year's Gathering in Nevada (or Utah). I will be setting up pirateRecycleStation1 at pirateFrontGate, which will be located somewhere near the shuttle stop (where the Main Trail meets the Dirt Road). I encourage the rest of the Gathering to set up their own Front Gate and do their own movie, but me - I am having my OWN frontGate all piratey and recyclish. Har har I figger to get much of the 'ol parkinKrew (whome I all know frum muny, muny year past now) to go all poi-rity too wifn me Ye set up yer Front Gate an all, but we 'uns be havin ours own movie goin on ye see...Stubby sez poiritRecyoycleStasun4 cn' be at CrystalKitchen, I be wonderin if INFO can be awelcomin recycleStation5 for its location, can ye be askin yer INFO krew ifn I's be welcome? Yaaargh Karin luv ya!


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