Where will the gathering be?

Where will the 2014 gathering be?
Near Heber, Utah. Click here for directions
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Every person with a belly button. If for some reason, you lost your belly button, you are invited as well.
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How to Get Into The Gathering Without Getting a Mandatory Court Appearance Ticket.
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Circles Are Good

Bosnia - 2007
Circles helps us focus our energy, ensure that everyone's voice is being heard, and create a grounding for the gathering as a whole.  When good strong circles happen, the entire energy of the gathering is changed. Not only the people who participate in the circle, but all those bellies hard at work around the gathering will pick up on the positive vibrations coming from the circle and we'll all be a bit more loving, a bit more peaceful and a bit higher in spirits.  
Have a problem, call a circle.  Want to share your love, call a circle.  Want to focus energy in your area, call a circle.  Having cop issues, call a circle off to the side.  When you hear the call "C I R C L E,"  please participate. If world peace is what we're after, a circle never hurts and often helps.
July 4 Om in California 2004 (photo taken by Greg Van)

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