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Where will the 2014 gathering be?
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Front Gate Is Everyone's Responsibility

Everyone loves to come home to a Front Gate that reflects the diversity of this beautiful family we love. In order for this to happen, we all need to spend time at Front Gate, welcoming our family, helping them get oriented and making sure everyone who comes home gets a hug, a we love you, and maybe a cup of soup or coffee. Family coming home with small children and groups with differentially abled family may need special support and direction, so please take the time to guide people appropriately.

We all need to make sure family working at the gate gets food and water and support to keep up the 24 hour effort.  Folks with full bellies are usually happier and more positive then those who are hungry.

Positive energy breeds positive energy. Instead of focusing on what we do not want people to experience, try to focus on what we do want people to experience

This is a tough job, standing by the side of the road in the heat or the cold and getting covered in dust. You need to be able to remain peaceful interacting with all sorts of folks from road dogs and yuppies to locals not sure what is happening.  Please don't work this area if you have warrants as folks on the gate need to interact with law enforcement. 

Especially needed in this area are mechanics as some of our family have vehicles that are limping into this gathering. We also need folks to help out with shuttles and coordinating shuttle drop off points.  Folks who can interact with USFS law enforcement on where to park cars and where not to park cars are critical.  Sometimes parking and front gate are handled in the same area, sometimes not. It all depends on the site logistics.  Everything that was said about folks working Front Gate, holds true for folks plugging into Parking and Shuttle.

If you're new to working this area, hang back for awhile and see what others are doing before putting your own spin on welcoming family home. Don't be a back seat driver. We all have our own style. Let's others do it their way and you do it the way you want to see it done.  There's room for all kinds of greetings.

Let's keep the energy loving and welcoming on the road.  Send love to everyone passing by.  Be the peace you want to see in this world.

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