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Where will the 2014 gathering be?
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Counciling in 1972 by Garrick Beck

Dear Everyone,

I thought you might like to see this image from our Council Circle from July 2, 1972. I think it's inspiring. This is from the 2nd day of our Gatherings ever. Most of the people in that circle had never ever met each other before. Notice how we are listening and paying attention to the person talking, as though what they are saying might really be important. Maybe it's beause everyone there believed that our participatory process was an ancient idea brought to life again in our times, in this moment. Or maybe each person had a different idea about what it meant. But everyone there is really caring that this council is going on. And I believe it's the force of the ideas that were streaming thru us then that have sustained us right till now.

We are approaching our fortieth Rainbow Gathering. Forty years at the edge of the wilderness and is there a promised land? Is there hope that the culture we have grown and grown up with is going to survive and actually help humanity survive? I think so. Take some inspiration from the past and bring it into the present.

For what the truth is worth....there were many arguments in those old time circles. People hollered  at each other, interrupted, cat called, threw things, all the great stuff of councils happened. The lesson? Don't give up, don't give in, don't give out. Keep on keeping on. We are on the good long road together. Take courage and strength from each other. Learn from each other's mistakes. Help each other over the hard parts. We may still be in the wild lands, but wherever we gather, there is some hope, there is the rainbow brought to life.

Peace, Love and Understanding will overcome fear and despair. People will learn to live with each other in Harmony. For all our rough edges and foolishness we are keeping on the good long road together.

I will see you at the Gathering in ...

Peace, love, milk and cookies,


ps. Picture taken by Alan Carey, True Light Beavers Photography

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