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Where will the 2014 gathering be?
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

On Creeks, Camping and Cutthroat Trout

People camped too close to the creek
Bad Tent Location - Too Close to Creek
(Photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/meganpru/5914413517/)
Creeks provide water for animals in the area and spawning grounds for fish.  Creeks are the heart of the ecosystem. Some years we use creek water for drinking and cooking (after boiling or filtering of course).  When folks disrespect the creek, they disrespect the land on which we gather as well as the heart of the gathering itself.
In many places, when silt gets into the creek it covers trout eggs preventing the fish from hatching. Lots of people have been putting a lot of effort into saving the native cutthroat trouts.  We need to honor the trout and the people working year round on protecting trout habitat.
Cutthroat Trout
If we are not careful, we will silt up the creek.  THINGS NOT TO DO: Trample up the banks. Dogs wrestle in the creek and dug along the creek. After every rainfall with exposed dirt, more mud and silt flows into the creek further damaging those beautiful creeks. Plus what ever gets spilled on the ground can seep through the soil into the creek when we are too close. To learn more, read Going Native, Wikipedia,  or Utah's  State Fish page. The Going Native is a printable document suitable for making copies and bringing to the gathering to share with people. Hopefully every kitchen will have a copy posted.  Educate yourself and take your knowledge home and share with others.

~~~Nothing is biodegradable in water.~~~

People camped in the woods, away from the creek.
Good Tent Location - In Woods away from Creek

Soil filters and decomposes soapy water, food scraps and urine.  We always need to make sure we keep all our waste far enough back from the creek so that the wonderful micro-organisms in the soil have the chance to do their magic.

In my mind, our shining stars are folks who make signs asking people to not camp along the creek. Family who go around and talk to people about why we don’t camp adjacent to creeks are my heroes and I workshop at your feet.

When we gather, we are visitors to the land. The plants and animals that live there year round are depending on us to tread lightly and leave the ground upon which we drummed and danced, ate and loved, in better shape than when we arrived. This, my friends, is the Rainbow way. 

Of course every site is different. The soil drainage and the type of creek varies ecosystem to ecosystem and the down-stream features indicate how close is too close. Different areas have different animals who need access to the creek for drinking purposes. If you’re too close, you’ll scare them off. This year the USFS resource folks have requested that no one camps within 300 feet of any creek or other surface water at this gathering.  No kitchens or shitters within 300 feet or more. When you come home, check in with INFO to learn the site specific considerations for each the current gathering. Or find a friendly Forest Service Resource person and pick her/his brain.

Sharing Music Along the Creek
(Photo from http://ashlandplayreviews.com/

Plus if you think about it, having open space along the creek for naked massage circles and music making is better for the energy of the gathering as a whole than having one person’s personal camp. And while I’m an on rant, please don’t camp in the meadows either. We need meadow space for counciling, workshops, sunbathing, etc.

A gathering is not a festival. Please don’t camp on the grass.  Camp in the woods, under the trees, 50 feet back from a creek.

Be the consciousness you wish to see in this world!

Have no idea who took this, but it's awesome. 

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  1. Even camping fifty feet away from the creek is WAY too close, because people (men) don't piss more than 20 feet from their tent when they wake up. Please encourage family to be as far from water as possible, and keep in mind that allot of the people who DO camp too close to the creek is because they maybe haven't been to gatherings before, and don't know the RAPS. when you see those people, it's important not to be agro, and realize they probably didn't know better. But sometimes it's hard not to be agro when you see someone with a trashed camp site 20 feet from the water, since, like i said, many people are first timers and don't have experience keeping a clean and healthy camp site. Protect the land, with love and patience for all family and all living (and unliving) things.


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