Where will the gathering be?

Where will the 2014 gathering be?
Near Heber, Utah. Click here for directions
Who is invited?
Every person with a belly button. If for some reason, you lost your belly button, you are invited as well.
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How to Get Into The Gathering Without Getting a Mandatory Court Appearance Ticket.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spring Council

Updated June 18 @ 5:30 PM  California Time 

Spring Council is over.  Click here for directions to the gathering.

A sister has passed on at spring council. Awaiting positive identification, but information indicates  she died at spring council in the nighttime of what they think was a heart attack

Spring Council is when all potential sites for the gathering are brought to any people who want to be involved in selecting a site. The council usually takes one to seven days and normally ends with either a consensus by silence among people at the council or an exodus of the majority of people heading to the preferred site. The council starts Saturday, June 14 @ rainbow noon.

Anyone who is planning on heading to spring council or to the gathering on or before the solstice should be prepared for snow. In 2003 in Utah, the night of the solstice it started snowing and did so for 3 days. Beautiful and magical but not fun for the folks who don't have the gear or don't know how to pitch a tent to it doesn't suffer snow related collapse. TIP: don't put your tent under a branch that will pile up with snow and at some point come crashing down on your tent. String a tarp at a steep diagonal so the snow slides off the tarp and away from your tent.


N 40.35783 W 111.13902  Coordinates for spring council/counsel!
Directions to spring council/counsel:
Uinta National Forest – All roads are of good quality, wide and gravel but very busy - BE AWARE. There are many other recreational users such as trucks pulling heavy trailers, many off road vehicles and local traffic.  The gravel roads are very, very DUSTY making visibility difficult.  Please be safe, take it slow, watch for traffic and wildlife. 
From Heber City, Utah via Route 40 and Center Street/Lake Creek Road:
Head east at intersection of Main St. (State Road 40) and Center Street/Lake Creek Road. Travel east for 15 miles on a paved road until you reach the Uinta Forest Service boundary.  At the FS boundary, the road turns to gravel and becomes Forest Service Road 083 (FS 83).  Follow FS 83 about 5 miles to an intersection (the T) where FS 83 and FS 54 meet.  Stay on FS 83 (bear right) and go approx. 8 miles (LOOK FOR ROCKS!!) to a sharp right hand turn into the council/counsel location.  This unnumbered road is short and the first bit is rocky. (If you come to the intersection of FS 82 and FS 83, you have gone too far, go back six tenths of a mile.) Welcome to Spring Council/Counsel!
From Salt Lake City via Interstate 80 and State Road 32 (Kamas, UT) and State Road 35 (Hanna, UT) – less congestion:
Route 35 comes in from the north and is good for drivers that don‘t need to shop and want to avoid traffic.  
From 80: Head towards Kamas on SR 32.  Pick up SR 35 in Frances, UT and go about 14 miles on SR 35 East. Look for Forest Service Road 054 (FS 54) on the right towards Mill Hollow Reservoir. This gravel road around the reservoir and campground can be congested and dusty.  Drive about 10.5 miles to the intersection of FS 54 and FS 83, bear left onto FS 83 continue on FS 83 and go approx. 8 miles (LOOK FOR ROCKS!!) to a sharp right hand turn into the council/counsel location.  This unnumbered road is short and the first bit is rocky. (If you come to the intersection of FS 82 and FS 83, you have gone too far, go back just about six tenths of a mile.) Welcome to Spring Council/Counsel!
From Fruitland, UT (just west of Fruitland 4 miles or so) via State Road 40 -probably most congested route into gathering:
At mile marker 58 on Route 40, head north onto Currant Creek Road.  Be aware of this road, it is a sharp turn and there is often heavy traffic and it is known for wrecks. Follow Currant Creek Road through state wildlife and private land to the Uinta National Forest boundary about 8 miles where it becomes Forest Service Road 471 (FS 471).  

BE AWARE can be very dusty. Stay on FS 471 about 14 miles around the Currant Creek Reservoir but not into the campground pass by the campground fork and bear right onto FS 82.  Go up the hill to the intersection, bear right at the “T” and take a right onto FS 83; go six tenths of a miles (LOOK FOR ROCKS!) to a left hand turn. This unnumbered road is short and the first bit is rocky. Welcome to Spring Council/Counsel!

TIP!  Provo is having a marathon on June 14 - details here.

Once a decision is reached by foot or by consensus, people who are involved with Spring Council usually make the information freely available. Word of warning:  Sometimes the first set of directions and/or other information is incomplete, so check your sources  before you head out to make sure you have the "updated directions." 

If you have not already connected up with the scouting process, the time has passed to do so. But please connect up with the spring council process.

TIP!  Usually, but not always, Spring Council is within 100 miles of the best available sites.  However, I've seen it be further away.

If you plan on coming to Spring Council, be prepared for cold weather and rough conditions. Have your own methods to boil or filter water. Bring food. This is not a gathering so all the support systems normally in place won't be up until sometime during seed camp.

That being said, people generally help each other out, seeing the gathering start from nothing and turn into a small town is an amazing experience, and the friendships you make with other people can be long lasting.


  1. Scouts do decide but once in a while when the Kitchens start showing up they decide where the Gathering will really be, as Kitchens rule.

    1. Where the water flows, the kitchens will be.

  2. Thanks for the clear info Karin.

  3. I have always enjoyed spring council, sometimes more than the actual gatherings, a couple of times a whole lot more. Usually less crazy and more intimate. Less oinkers (generally, but don't be careless, always take precaution and be as legal as you can). I am counting down the days...putting the final touches on a new (30 year old RV) buss. Can't wait to see all you there

  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/nucleartracktown/

  5. please keep us updated this trip.means the world to me

  6. Kid CALM is ready to roll, but there's still no directions. Anxious to get outta Babylon.

  7. Ahh, scouting season is almost over! This year, we have been blessed with
    a mix of young, middle-years, and old goats! AND a great mix of genders!

    About six months ago, we started discussing the art of scouting via a
    monthly conference call which accelerated to weekly as this time got
    closer. Feedback has been good from those who participated on the those
    calls. We never discussed specifics regarding potential sites, rather we
    used the forum for connecting with others who were ready, willing and able
    to put their boots on the ground.

    This is a reach out to anyone one else out in cyberspace with potential
    sites they have walked. On the last conference call, we suggested that all
    who have potential sites gather with others. Our desire is to share and
    compare information, and present the potential sites in a uniform fashion
    to spring council/counsel. Please email Karin via this blog to get
    connected - bring topo maps, photos (although photos do not show how
    suitable a potential site is) and the others you have walked with. There
    are many who have heeded this call and they are right now sharing,
    comparing and taking last minute trips to potential sites that have been
    walked before.

    It has been a great scouting season. We have not lost anyone, yet!

    In service for peace, assembly and freedom of expression!
    Loving you, your sibling.

  8. Hi Rainbows,

    Are you looking on line for the location of spring council on those Forest Service Maps?

    Try this.

    Find Currant Creek Reservour. It is pretty large. It is the largest lake north of Strawberry Resevour which is on Utah State Route 40.
    Look 4 miles due west (as the crow flies) from the top (north end of Current Creek Reservour)
    This is the intersection of FS 82 and FS 83.

  9. it's june 15th when will the location be published


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